Top 5 Movies III

As a follow up to the original Top 5 Movies, and 2nd pass at it, I thought this would be a good time to see how my tastes may have changed. They are no in a direct order like my Top 5 Albums is.

  • Godzilla – Fantastic presentation and sound work even if the plot and acting is still at times. Sound track is very pleasant.
  • The Fifth Element – ‘nough said.
  • Serenity – Such a fantastic SciFi movie that wrapped up a universe without any TV support. Amazing everything to this movie.
  • The Naked Gun – If you’ve never seen it, you suck. If you haven’t seen it recently, you should. This is, along with Robert Schimmel, the basis for my personal style of humor. Silly schtick.
  • Edge of Tomorrow – Aside from this being a movie with Tom Cruise (whom I dislike) the movie is a SciFi version of Groundhogs Day that features alien invasion and war/battle footage. To boot it is a very solid movie.

Falling out are nearly all the previous entries. We have one movie staying on the list (Open Range) and the rest are new Science Fiction movies.

Good stuff here but these better represent me near the start of 2017.

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