Desert Island Part VI

In another follow up to the orginal post and then the second shot at it, and then the third shot at it .. oh and the fourth one. I think there’s a fifth version too … I wanted to see how my tastes, if at all, have changed over the last few years.

So if I were to be stuck listening to only 5 albums for ever, what would they be …

    1. Dream Theater Score: 20th Anniversary World Tour – Live With the Octavarium Orchestra
    2. Dream Theater The Astonishing
    3. Course of Empire Initiation
    4. Type O Negative Dead Again
    5. Machines of Loving Grace Gilt

White Zombie drops off in favor of Dream Theater’s The Astonishing, an instant classic in my mind. I’m sure La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 stay right at #6.

Sometimes things change, albeit slowly.

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