Only a week

It’s been a week since I lost Sho Rai. It feels like many lifetimes since I had my soul ripped out in the most unexpected twist in my life in so very long.

Sho was my ultimate cat. He was a giant, fluffy, loving and amazing orange Maine Coon. He was a lap cat extraordinaire.

  • He weighed over 20lbs for most of his adult life but was never overweight.
  • His paws were the size of my palm.
  • He purred so loud that I could tell when he was around.
  • He slept up against my right leg every night, having his own dedicated spot on the bed.
  • He always wanted to be around me.
  • He wanted to make me happy cause he was a super star kitty.

I’m still in shock, like my heart being ripped out while I watched, helpless to do anything, to save myself or him.

Sho was so special, just an amazing little boy. I can never replace him, like I can never replace Monster or Brandy Rai.

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